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Thu, Jun 24 | Online sessions

PHA Cosmic Training

Pure Source Frequencies, Techniques from D12 and above, Telepathy, Multidimensional Cord cutting, Ra Sha' Da Ra and more...
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PHA Cosmic Training

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Jun 24, 12:12 PM – Jun 27, 2:12 PM
Online sessions

About the Event


Ka'Ra! and Welcome. 

Cosmic Training 3 is designed to give and share with you source frequency and eternal life techinques that have helped me activate my DNA and TRULY connect with my inner self and my personal cloister and star team. I am sharing them with you because this kind of information belongs to those who feel rsonate and ready to spark open their true nature and be of service to humanity. 

Many of the techniques you will learn, I have not shared publically until now.  These techniqeus were downstepepd from my Rishi Level identiy which is D13-15  and My original source emanation for the over all well being and peaceful incensoin and evolution of humanity and this galaxy. 

Over the 4 day period I will share:

- The hidden power that is in Humming

- The A Zoor Tu'KA VA - Um' SA DA' Vo, Living light cell unit creation and activation. 

- 12 sphere Source Grid meditation 

- Wa'Tur Charging with just your hands, heart and mind

- Auroa Charging to find lost objects

- Inner Healing Sphere 

- Telepathy

- Cord Cutting 

- The Ra'Sha-Da' Ra Shield Activation. 

- Wa'Tur Liquid Spirit Clense and Activation 

- A Zoor Tu Living Cell Shielding 


I am not a Dr and this should not be taken in the place of "proffesional" Medical reccomendations. 

***ALL  of these techinqes require a sufficent amount of living light to be stored and held within ones personal template.

If you have not taken any of my services, classes or have not been practicing some sort of Base 12 Eternal life exercises I reccomnd  and invite you to purchase the last comsic trainng series before joining this one. You can find them on my website under cosmic training. Each class is only 43$ this will give you a buffer so that you will be able to handle and accrete the needed Frequencies  from this course. 

***This course is for you if you have taken previous base 12 classes and have been practicing your own relationship and connection with source prime creator consciousness. If you feel called to expend well beyond the spiritual Matrix, if you feel that you are here on mission to assist humanity and the collective star family that is this milky way galaxy. 

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